What do all the buttons on the player screen do?

What are plus and pro books?
In addition to the great free content provided by the Librivox Project, we also sell Plus and Pro books. These options are great way to improve the overall quality and enjoyment of your listening experience!

PLUS books are hand-selected, trimmed titles. We choose only the best Librivox narrators, and package the audio content for a streamlined and high-quality listening experience.

PRO books are professionally narrated and recorded titles. These are often new-release or current bestselling books. Send us an email if you have a request for a title that we don’t offer!

Why do I see ads and my friend doesn’t?

If you downloaded the free version of audiobooks, you will see a small ad on the player screen while you are listening to a book. If you purchase a plus or pro title, or purchase the “Ad Removal” option (click “Remove Ads” in the top right corner of the player screen), the ads will disappear permanently.

Can I run Audiobooks or one of your other apps in the background?

At this time Apple does not allow 3rd party applications to run in the background.  However, Apple is planning to approve this feature soon and we will be adding it to our app!

How do I get the player to stop?

The “pause” icon at the bottom of the player acts as your “stop” button. The audio should discontinue and your place should be bookmarked for future listening. If you wish to turn the app off, return to your device home screen.

I can’t get the app to work…

If you are using a 3Gs, try updating your device to the latest version 3.1.3.  The phones were having some problems with 3rd party applications.  If you are not using a 3Gs, try deleting the app and re-downloading it from itunes App Store.  You will not be charged twice for the app.

If the problem persists, please let us know the specific actions that lead up to it.

How do I update my iPod/ iPhone touch?

1. Connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to your PC.

2. Launch the iTunes application and click the Check for updates button.

3. iTunes will show you a window saying: “iTunes will update your iPhone to iPhone 3.1.3 software and will verify the update with Apple“. Click on the Update button.

4. An iPhone OS 3.1.3 software update window will show up, click on the Next button. Read and and accept the license agreement. Once you’ve done that your download will start.

5. The file size of this update varies depending on which device you’re updating. Once the iPhone 3.1.3 firmware update is done downloading it will start the installation process on your iPhone.

Why can’t I find the book I am looking for in Audiobooks?

All of the free books in the app come from http://www.librivox.org and are in the public domain (published before 1927).  The project is 100% volunteer run, so someone must read a book in order for it to be added to the list.  Please visit the LibriVox website for a full listing of books and how the process works. We also offer Plus titles: hand-picked for the best narrators and edited for a more streamlined, enjoyable listening experience. If you are looking for more recent, popular books, please search under our Pro title list for best-sellers such as Jodi Picoult and Charlaine Harris. Both Plus and Pro titles can be purchased from the app home screen.

Do you have Harry Potter, Twilight, the Percy Jackson series?

If you do not see popular titles such as these or the specific book you are looking for, it means we have not obtained a contract to sell it through Audiobooks. We are always working to get more titles though and take your requests into consideration.

Can I volunteer to read a book?

Yes! The LibriVox project encourages readers to add new books and recordings. The more professional sounding, the better. Please see http://www.librivox.org for details about volunteering.

Why are there not more books in my language?

All language support is based on the volunteer readers at http://www.librivox.org.  We can only add languages as they come through LibriVox readers.

The book I am trying to listen to is skipping/ not working properly…

As our free books are read by volunteers and come from LibriVox, sometimes they contain less than professional recordings or the files sometimes become corrupt. We try to maintain quality recordings and apologize for this inconvenience. The best thing to try is deleting the corrupt book files from the library altogether and re-downloading them.

Files can also become corrupt during the download process for Plus and Pro titles as well. Deleting and re-downloading them should help resolve this issue. You will not be charged twice. Please let us know if this does not resolve the issue.

How do I delete a book from my Audiobooks library?

1) Go to the “My Books” section

2) Tap the “Edit” button at the top left

3) Tap the minus sign on the book you want to delete

4) Confirm Deletion

5) Thats it!

NOTE: Deleting a book from the device removes all information as if it had never been looked at.  This includes book chapter information and bookmarks.

How do I delete Audiobooks from my Apple device?

1) Press the home button
2) Tap and hold the app icon you want to delete
3) Keep holding the icon until the icons on the screen wiggle
4) Once wiggle begins, release your finger from the screen
5) tap the “x” in the top left corner of the app icon you wish to delete
6) To “Delete” in the confirmation window to remove the app from the device
7) Press the home button to return to normal mode

How do I use Audiobooks on airplane mode?

To listen to an audiobook on a airplane mode, you will need to download the entire book before getting on the plane because you will not be able to use wifi/cell signal once you are on board.

Can I store my audiobooks from the app on my computer?

Currently, Apple does not allow file management of their devices.  You can visit www.librivox.org to download audiobook files to your desktop computer.

31 responses

23 04 2010
Collot Guerard

I love your Audiobooks and have listened to several books without any problem. I am now listening to Bleak House and I cannot get past Chapter 44. The screen indicates that the I Phone (3GS) is “buffering” but Chapter 45 never starts. In addition, the “audiobooks” tab in the upper left of the screen does not take me back to the Audio books home screen (with authors, titles). Its as if Audiobooks is completely stuck! What should I do?

Thanks in advance.

Collot (Ms).

26 04 2010

Have you tried going into your library and deleting the book – then downloading it again? This will probably help get chapter 45 to start. I will look into the audiobooks tab issue. – Jess

28 04 2010

For the second issue – the app being “stuck” – please delete the app, and re-install it. It will not charge you again since you already bought the app.

11 05 2010

Can I go back to the previous version? Books don’t play in order since the update.

13 05 2010

Ben – that bug has been fixed – please download the update, and the books should play in order.



4 06 2010

I having a problem with audibooks on my itouch. I downloaded Frankenstein and trying to play it but it buffering and it keep doing it forever
what should I do?

7 06 2010

Mike –

Send an email to support at crossforward dot com, and they should be able to help you with your question.



23 06 2010

Since upgrading my iphone 3G to iOS 4, I have lost all my library, including the in-app plus purchases. Not a big deal for most of the library as they were free recordings, but I paid for the pro product…
Is there a way to restore this?
Thanks very much

24 06 2010

I upgraded but now it just hangs. I’m disappointed. I had to delete it. It’s such a shame because it used to be a really nice application.

25 06 2010

We are working on an upgrade that should be up next week that will take care of a LOT of the slow performance issues. Stay tuned.

1 07 2010

Do you plan to make an app like this for Android?

1 07 2010

We have an Audiobooks App for Android – here’s a link: http://www.androlib.com/android.application.com-crossforward-audiobooks-pzBm.aspx

4 07 2010

Hello, I love listening to the audiobooks, my problem is that whenever i use the sleep timer, or pause the playback and don’t close the program down, the programm uses up my battery much more quickly than while playing and the ipod actually becomes very warm to the touch. I have the paid version with the latest upgrade.
Thank You

6 07 2010

Thanks so much for your question – the sleeptimer is designed to pause playback at the end of a set period of time (same as if you did it manually). The app may have been still downloading the remainer of your book(s) which is why the battery was used faster. Sorry about this – if you have it connected to a wifi network, it will download faster. Also to prevent that from happening in the future, you can always manually stop the download process until you’re ready to download more chapters. Hope that helps!

26 07 2010

just bought audiobookshelf as had used yor older version but in this app I cant find any settings or anywhere to add to the library as only showing the books that came with it I thought would have been able to add to library Could you help me find the settings as if all it does for the $2.49 is only able to have books that came with app I am disapointed as would loved to get more any help would be gratefully received thank you

26 07 2010

AudioBookShelf only comes with the core set of books. As we add new titles, they will be added to the app. There is currently no way to add additional books.

5 08 2010

I have the first generation iPhone and the new update made my Audibooks App inoperable. Any new fixes? I really like your applications. Jorge.

6 08 2010

We’re working on a fix for the bug everybody is having issues with the app – hopefully this will be resolved soon. Thanks!

2 09 2010

I just purchased the Unlimited Plus, and excited to use it, each time I go get a plus book it still gives me a buy now price. Will I be charged again?

3 09 2010

Once you purchase unlimited plus, you should not see a “buy now” price, you should just see “play”. Please note, that unlimited plus is just for plus books, so if you’re looking at a pro book, you will still see a “buy now” price, as these are not included.

3 09 2010

Just english audiobooks? Any other language?

3 09 2010

you can check http://www.librivox.org to see what additional languages there are

12 09 2010
josh jensen

Hey, I have been using your app for my iphone and love it. I originally downloaded the free version and then paid the $.99 for the premium. The problem is, my phone had to be restored due to it not being able to sync and consequently I lost the premium features. Do I have to repay for the upgrade of is there a way to re-download it? Thanks!

8 10 2010
Ruth Collins

How do you use a audiobook with headphones? Or can you?

15 10 2010

Hi, I paid for the premium version after reviewing the app a few months ago. I have never received an update for my Itouch. There is no indication that an update is available via Itunes. How do I get it?

17 10 2010
SS Sira

I am unable to transfer purchased audiobooks on to my iPad. Any tips will be welcome. Many thanks

18 10 2010
19 10 2010
Aaron A.

What do you mean when you say Plus titles are “trimmed”? Does that mean abridged, or recorded at a lower bit rate? The Plus files are 50-75% smaller than their Free counterparts, so am I sacrificing quality for smaller file size?

19 10 2010

Trimmed means each chapter doesn’t have any extra audio at the beginning or end of each chapter. They are not abridged or shortened in any other way.

24 06 2011
David Nordstrom

I’ve been using audiobooks for some time now and enjoy it very much. However I notice that some of the recently finished books at Librivox.org are not available directly through audiobooks. An example is White Jacket by Herman Melville. Is there a way to download such books for use on audiobooks?


16 09 2011

We do periodic updates of the librivox database, which is when newer books would be added to the library. Usually every month or so, so next time there is an update, look for the new librivox books.

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