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14 03 2011

The latest update to both Audiobooks and Audiobooks Premium turned them both from iPhone only apps to universal iPhone and iPad apps.  We are pleased with the update, and hope you are, too.  It is easier to filter books however you would like, and to take advantage of the full iPad screen.

Traveling with the iPad

12 07 2010

Recently, I traveled with my iPad.  I have to say, I loved it.  A long wait at the airport has never flown so quickly.  My husband and I love to play board games, so it was great to be able to play some of our favorites on the go.  We played Carcassone, Battleship, The Game of Life, Monopoly, Scrabble, and Spit while we were traveling.

We also had fun using Google Earth to see a bird’s eye view of where we were.

I read several books, and even downloaded another while I was traveling.  Normally 3-4 books would have taken up quite a bit of luggage space, but I had them all in my iPad instead this trip.  I used both iBooks, and Kindle, and they were both great.

I brought a few magazines from home, and added some recipes I wanted to try to My Recipe Book while traveling, and now they’re waiting in my queue for the next time I want to try a new recipe.

I also edited some photos from the trip using Filterstorm.

What do you use when you travel with your iPad or iPhone?

Classic Bookshelf for iPad

26 06 2010

Classic Bookshelf for iPad is now in the app store.  It features a beautiful wooden bookshelf and a unique library view that allows you to browse your books the way you normally do.  Select a book and begin enjoying Huck’s adventures along the Mississippi or be swept away in the clever exchanges between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, in extremely readable text.  Tap or swipe to turn the page or use the table of contents navigator to jump between chapters.

With Classic Bookshelf, your experience is focused on one thing: reading.  Don’t bother with bookmarks, Classic Bookshelf will remember all the places you leave off in any of the eleven classics available including:

– The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

– Anne of Green Gables

– A Christmas Carol

– The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

– Gulliver’s Travel

– The Invisible Man

– Jane Eyre

– Pride and Prejudice

– Sleepy Hollow

– The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

– Treasure Island

– ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

** GIVEAWAY ** Where and how do you use your iPad?

22 06 2010

We’ve been thinking a lot about how and where we are using our iPads around here while developing My Recipe books – particularly in the kitchen.  There’s this great video about a guy who put his iPad directly into his cabinet in his kitchen – that definitely eliminates the need for a stand in the kitchen!  You could pull up your favorite recipe from My Recipe Book and set it up in your kitchen and cook away.

Let us know where you usually use your iPad: in the kitchen, curled up on the sofa, or in bed? or what you usually use it for: web browsing, reading, cooking, or something else? in a comment on this post by 5PM on Monday, June 28 and you’ll be entered to win a free copy of My Recipe Book.  This is only open to US residents, and you need an iPad to use this great app!

One great resource to really get the most out of your iPad is the Rough Guide to the iPad, which is available in the iBookstore on the iPad.  They highlight our tabbed browser on page 206 if you want to check it out.

Fun with iPad

8 06 2010

I thought this video about the iPad + velcro by Jesse Rosten was really cute.  Would anybody actually use velcro to mount their iPad on their wall like this?

If you don’t want to velcro your iPad to everything, how about wearing it?

How about charging it with solar panels?

What do you do with your iPad?

My Recipe Book for iPad is here!

7 06 2010

My Recipe Book – your Recipes, finally organized.  Plus 1000s more for free was designed by 2 moms who love to cook and saw the potential to use the iPad as a great place to organize and store favorite recipes passed down from family, copied from friends, torn out of magazines, and found online.  We also love the full-page view that allows you to see the whole recipe on one page when you’re actually in the kitchen cooking.

Great features included in My Recipe Book:

  • SORT recipes by keyword, category, ready time, or dietary restriction
  • DOUBLE or halve recipes as needed
  • KITCHEN TIMER built in
  • CUSTOMIZE your categories & dietary restrictions
  • SURPRISE ME decides what to make for you
  • FAVORITES button for quick reference
  • QUEUE button to add recipes you want to try
  • FONT SIZE selector tool
  • SHARE recipes with friends via email
  • ADD recipes directly into the iPad
  • SEARCH for recipes on popular recipe sites and save to My Recipe Book
  • CONVERSION tools including temperature, weights and measures, and metric to imperial

Whether you’re a busy mom looking for a great go-to app to get dinner on the table, a gourmet chef who wants to look for a recipe to use up the rest of your truffles, or you typically only cook for one or two, and need to halve all your recipes, this app is for you.

Multi-task suite for iPad

7 06 2010

You should check out our multi-task suite for iPad.  There are so many things to keep up with while you’re browsing the web, these apps will allow you to follow your social networks while reading the news, or checking your email.


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