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14 03 2011

The latest update to both Audiobooks and Audiobooks Premium turned them both from iPhone only apps to universal iPhone and iPad apps.  We are pleased with the update, and hope you are, too.  It is easier to filter books however you would like, and to take advantage of the full iPad screen.



7 responses

15 04 2011
Nani blyleven

Please add the ability to search for books by genre like other audiobook players. That would make a huge difference in usability. Or if for some reason you cannot, then maybe you can tell us how to read books that we downloaded with a different app, specifically Bookplayer, which is an audiobook app that let’s me search by genre, and thus discover new Librivox mystery books. But that app is buggy on continuous chapter reading. I can’t discover new mystery books when I don’t know the titles or authors! Thx!

7 06 2011
Genevieve A. Antonow

why aren’t other languages supported anymore??

16 09 2011

You can still search, and download books in other languages. Just search by language to find what you’re looking for, and download the book as usual.

20 07 2011
Crissie C. Glendinning

I pre-ordered in AUDIOBOOK format “Happy Birthday” (a new novel by Danielle Steel) What was downloaded to me was in iBook form. I cannot use iBooks. I play audiobooks on my iTouch. Can someone correct this error. I want an audiobook not iBook.
Crissie Glendinning

3 08 2011
Dr Ben Hole

My iPhone is old, version 3.1.3. It does not accept newer iPhhpne version updates.

Your new audio book app that I downloaded at your request this AM does not work on my phone.

Please return my earlier version of your App that worked great earlier this AM

4 08 2011
Dr Ben Hole

Older iPhone version (3.1.3)

Your new version not working on my phone.

I also have iPod version (4.1) but no wifi.

How can I transfer purchased iPhone books
onto my iPod using my Mac desktop computer?

Best of all, can I get back my older version so that I can use your APP on my iPhone?
your APP works again on older iPhone?

10 08 2011

This sounds like a great App… I have a huge library of audiobooks so this will be perfect

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