New Text + Audio for the iPad

12 10 2010

We have been busy around here.  We just released a whole bunch of Audiobook + Text apps for the iPad, so you can read along with the book while you’re listening!  Check them out:

– Benjamin Button

– Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

– Beatrix Potter

– Art of War

– Alice in Wonderland

– Anne of Green Gables

– The Invisible Man

– Jane Eyre

– King Solomons Mines

– Gulliver’s Travels

– Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

– Communist Manifesto

– Pollyanna

– The Scarlet Pimpernel

– Adventures of Tom Sawyer

– Uncle Tom’s Cabin

– Treasure Island

– Northanger Abbey

– The Secret Garden

– Sense and Sensibility

– This Side of Paradise

– Robinson Crusoe

– A Little Princess

– Pride and Prejudice



6 responses

4 11 2010
Norma turner

Need more audio books for iPad,please.

5 11 2010

I can no longer purchase books on my iPod Touch. Please fix! Thank you. I otherwise love the app.

5 11 2010

What is happening? Do the books not show up? Or, is there just not a purchase option? I haven’t heard about this issue at all.

13 02 2011

I just purchased AudioBookShelf, and while I’m generally pleased with the readings, one thing bothers me a great deal. Do I really have to go back into the app every time I need to get to the next chapter? Or am I just not understanding how to make it play continuously? Thanks!

17 02 2011
Richard DeLuca

Do you have to go back into the audio bookshelf app each time you want to go to the next chapter in a book?

1 03 2011
kris mccart

On Freebooks Audio Apps, Anna Karenina Book1 audio (no Sound) does n’t work. I have delete it and follow-up with FAQ instructions, same result. Furthermore, all the other books I get sound.

Done by Libra Vox

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