Short Stories

26 07 2010

Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting some of our favorite short story Audiobooks.  Let us know if there are any books you want us to review.

The first short story is 2 B R 0 2 B by Kurt Vonnegut.  It is only 22 minutes, but packs quite a bit in.  It is an interesting tale that follows the decision process of a man, Edward K. Wehling, Jr., whose wife is about to give birth to triplets.  The twist is that aging has been cured, individuals have indefinite life spans, and Edward has to find 3 people that are willing to die in order to bring his 3 children into the world.  Listen to hear how far a father will go for his soon to be born children.

Happy Listening.



12 responses

30 08 2010

I downloaded free Audiobooks and then the premium version. I do not know what version I originally had, but it worked great. I have an iPhone 3G with 4.0.2 software. I updated my applications recently, and now when I try to open Audiobooks, I first get a popup Video Tutorial that is basically crashed as I can no say yes or no. Underneath that popup, I can see one that is titled Updating at the top and Cancel at the bottom. I can do nothing except close the app. Any suggestions? I do not wish to leave a public review until you can help me. Perhaps I need an older version? I will appreciate any suggestions you can give me how to get back to audiobooks.

30 08 2010

We submitted an update last week that has a fix for the issue that you and a few others are having – it should be out this week, it’s waiting for review by Apple.

30 08 2010

Can you see what the app version is – it should be on the opening screen. Also, can you try starting the app in airplane mode? See if that gets you past the video?

30 08 2010

The version of the app is 4.1. Going to airplane mode did in fact help; I was able to watch the video. Then I left to get out of airplane mode. I’m now to the Updating dialog box, but I think it’s crashed again, as I cannot cancel out of it and it’s been at least 5 minutes.

31 08 2010

I can never get out of the attempt to update my library. Will your update that is awaiting Apple’s approval fix this? Thanks.

1 09 2010

I will check with the development team – but I know they changed several things about the start-up, so this may be included in all the fixes.

1 09 2010

I just got confirmation that the pending update should fix your issue as well.

1 09 2010

Great news!!!! Thanks so much.

11 09 2010

I’ve just added the updates, and I am at the same state with the premium version. It gets stuck in the updating initial start.

Interestingly, prior to the updates, I tried the free version–and all works well with it, before and after the update to 4.2.

27 09 2010
J Eardley

I am having a similar problem to those cited above. I appear to have version 4.2 which is trying to update an earlier downloaded version of ‘Emma.’ The ‘Cancel’ button does not work and eventually it kicks me back to the menu. When I log on again and we go through the same routine.

Is there some ‘fix’ for this?

7 11 2010
Anna Elizabeth Bergman

I have audiobooks premium and it takes up so much room on my iPhone I’ve nearly stopped using it. Is there a way to deal with that? thanks

11 04 2011

Cool thanks.downloading it now!

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