Traveling with the iPad

12 07 2010

Recently, I traveled with my iPad.  I have to say, I loved it.  A long wait at the airport has never flown so quickly.  My husband and I love to play board games, so it was great to be able to play some of our favorites on the go.  We played Carcassone, Battleship, The Game of Life, Monopoly, Scrabble, and Spit while we were traveling.

We also had fun using Google Earth to see a bird’s eye view of where we were.

I read several books, and even downloaded another while I was traveling.  Normally 3-4 books would have taken up quite a bit of luggage space, but I had them all in my iPad instead this trip.  I used both iBooks, and Kindle, and they were both great.

I brought a few magazines from home, and added some recipes I wanted to try to My Recipe Book while traveling, and now they’re waiting in my queue for the next time I want to try a new recipe.

I also edited some photos from the trip using Filterstorm.

What do you use when you travel with your iPad or iPhone?



3 responses

12 07 2010

For me, it’s movies. I was thrilled being able to watch movies on my iPod Touch on long flights. Now with an iPad, I feel like I’m in a movie theater, albeit with not as much leg room.

31 08 2010

Ola enlase con el ipod

26 05 2011

I traveled for two months in Europe and Africa with my Ipad and it was the best. I listened to audiobooks while I was playing scrabble or poker and I also watched lots of movies.

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