Anne of Green Gables – Reader Profile

9 07 2010

If you loved Karen Savage’s reading of Anne of Green Gables, she has read quite a few other books, you can check them out at her website, or just search for her as a reader in AudiobooksAudiobooks Premium, and Audiobooks (iPad Edition).



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13 01 2011

Great reading! I listen to a great many audio books, Karen is in a class with Barbara Rosenblat, Davina Porter, and John Franklin Robbins!

8 04 2011
Brenda O.

I totally agree. I just became aware of her audiobooks today, and I am disappointed that her reading of Anne of Green Gables is no longer availbale from LibrivVox. Does anyone know another way that I can find this version for download?

21 04 2011

I love Karen Savage. She is my favorite reader.
Can you please get her to do the next books in the
Anne of Green Gables series. And make them pro! I’ve relistened
to the first 3 many many times.:)

22 04 2011

You should definitely contact to let them know you would love to hear Karen reading more Anne of Green Gables!

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