Audiobook App Updates

2 07 2010

We updated both Audiobooks, and Audiobooks Premium this week, so I though I would let everyone know what the main changes are.

  • We updated the Librivox database – so there are now 648 brand new FREE books for your listening pleasure
  • We added BACKGROUND play to both apps – so if you have the new iOS 4 on a device that supports background play, you will be able to keep your audiobook playing in the background while you listen to your favorite books
  • We changed the name from Ad Free to Premium, because now Premium is not only ad free, but there are some other great features like setting a custom sleep timer, the ability to switch to streaming mode if you don’t want your books to take up space on your device, and
  • There are also a few bug fixes, and some performance enhancements, so the apps should run faster and more smoothly now

We would love to hear how you like the new updates, have you used Background play?  Are you enjoying the custom sleep timer?



22 responses

2 07 2010

I love listening to books!

3 07 2010

After 4.0 update my “unlimited plus” is gone and all downloaded books are missing. How do I get “unlimited plus” back without paying for it again?


3 07 2010

I just did another post about how to get your Plus content back – check it out.

3 07 2010

Worked perfect. Thanks!

5 07 2010

Since the update, I haven’t been able to pass the offer to see the tutorial video, my app is not working… What can I do???

6 07 2010

So sorry you’re having that problem! We’re definitely looking in to what is going on there. In the mean time, try restarting the app, or restarting your phone. Sometimes that will fix it in the short term. Again, we’re working on figuring out the bug.

9 07 2010

I’ve got the same problem😦 tried restarting app and phone multiple times, no luck

4 10 2010

I’m having the same issue!

14 07 2010

Hi, since my last update a pop-up window asks me if I want to see a Video tutorial but it doesn’t matter what button I tap, nothing happens…

31 07 2010

I have the same problem as Pip and Worried. I’m not able to access the app any more. I depend on this app for a good nights sleep. consequently feeling pretty grumpy about the situation.

4 08 2010

I downloaded the app and then some free books, when I press the play button nothing happens. I am using an ipod touch with os4. What am I doing wrong? Do I need wi-fi to pay once it is downloaded?

4 08 2010

Sorry it should say
Do I need wi-fi for it to play once I have downloaded a book?

5 08 2010

I don’t get it. How do you play audiobooks from the ipod app?

6 08 2010

Please fix your scrolling lists, the blind user VoiceOver access can’t read them at all. The rest of your interface is spoken grandly. None of the gray lists of titles, genres, authors, etc are selectable in VoiceOver mode.

6 08 2010

Thanks – we will add this to our list of things to fix for the next update.

13 08 2010

Can you add support for netaudio mp3 files
I can get these from my library, but can find no way to open them in your app. I have the premium version on my iphone

16 08 2010

I’m just another user, but I’m going to say that they shouldn’t bother – this app is not for that. This app does what it does well, and doesn’t need to become another iPod App. What you are actually wanting is NetLibrary Windows Media Audio files. They won’t play on the iPhone or iPod. The iPod app plays standard MP3 files just fine, which are also offered by NetLibrary. See the NetLibrary FAQ here:

I highly recommend that you complain to your local library that you want to be able to play the books on your iPhone and that you are not happy with NetLibrary’s choice to use WMA files.

I also recommend complaining to NetLibrary directly, they should have an iPhone app by now that works just like this AudioBooks Pro app. Tell them this:

28 08 2010

Hi again ppl, I posted here juli14:th… When will you fix the bug? I still aren’t able to get pass the videotutorial thing…

30 08 2010

There is a bug fix in the update we submitted to apple last week – it should be out this week.

4 10 2010

Still a problem

22 09 2010

I have version 4.2 ‘purchased’ Sep 10 and it still locks up at the video tutorial on my iPhone IIIgs under iOS 4.1. What happened to the fix?

26 03 2011

Love your Audiobooks app especially the FREE books. What process do you use to update your library with books from free sources like Librivox?

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