Discussion Questions from Sherlock Holmes

2 06 2010

Sherlock Holmes asks and answers so many questions in the course of his detective work, here are a few questions I have come up with about the way he goes about his business:

  1. How does Sherlock Holmes show both eccentricities and brilliance at the same time?
  2. What is Watson’s role in the Sherlock Holmes series?
  3. Would Holmes’ method of deduction be easier or harder to use today?



5 responses

2 06 2010
Rose Brown

Any one who gets others to run off to strange and wild places in the dead of night…
Suffers from deep depression locks him self away in his room.
Appears to be addicted to opiates…..
All show his eccentric side
Watson seems to be the stable influence, trusted by His friend. The healer.
His methods would not be at all listened to as in his times. Perhaps seeming too eccentric with no powers and would be arrested when interferring with police inverstgations. Not encouraged.

11 06 2010

A better question would be when tclassics is going to fix this app or else refund my dollar?

Also it would be nice if an app that advertises free audiobooks didn’t mix them in with hundreds of others that are for sale.

11 06 2010

What specifically would you like us to fix about the app? We have listened to quite a bit of feedback, and are open to additional suggestions for how to make the app better.

All the free books are still there. We have had lots of requests for more current titles, so we are trying to meet the requests of those users while still keeping all the free content.

14 06 2010

Stop mixing the free and paid books, for one thing. It gets old digging through upwards of 10 books before I can find one that is free.

Stop the endless searching for a signal when out of 3g.

Fix the auto resume feature. I get a lot of calls and it gets old having to restart the app after every call, especially when it decides to search for something or other forever before it’ll give up and let the user resume listening. This is usually about 30 seconds before I get another call and have to start all over again.
Also it seems that even while listening to previously downloaded books, that the app is accessing the web for something. More than a few times I,ve missed calls while in an edge network area.
Version 3 worked, the “new and improved” version is nearly unusable.

14 06 2010

We have an update waiting for approval that has a cancel button so you will be able to stop it from looking for updates when out of coverage. I will note the rest of your comments, and we will look at fixing them in the future. However, I don’t think we will separate the free and paid books, because we have a lot of users who have requested the paid content in the app. You can filter by free to see all the books that have a free title available.

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