Why do you listen to Audiobooks?

24 05 2010

I found this post about why Damian Nicholson listens to Audiobooks.  His reasons for listening to audiobooks are: Multitasking, More Lucrative, No Eyestrain, Relaxing, Faster, Less Weight, More Engaging.

I agree with most of those, but the main reason I listen to Audiobooks is for multi-tasking.  It really makes chores much more palatable, and I love listening while I’m walking with my daughter in her stroller or gardening.

I also love to listen in the car.  I used to have a long commute, and listening to audiobooks was the only way I got through it.  For long car trips, my husband and I love picking out a new book and enjoy talking about the plot and characters, and pondering what will happen next.  It definitely helps with the monotony of a long trip.

Why do you listen to audiobooks?



5 responses

29 05 2010
Rose Brown

I find after 12 hour day shift my eyes are too tired to read and I love a good story.
So audio books are the best option for me.
I recomend these to all by the way.
I work as a nurse these books are good forcmy patients to hear.

1 06 2010

We’re so glad you love audiobooks – I agree, listening is much easier on the eyes after a long day.

30 05 2010

Mostly, I wanted my moms to read me bedtime stories as a child, but she refused. So, I like audiobooks because I adore being read to.

1 06 2010

I love being read to as well. Do you have a favorite reader?

22 11 2010
Epoxy Floors

i love to listen on audiobooks while travelling on a bus, i could learn a lot from it while travelling -.`

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