Little Women Discussion Questions and Giveaway

7 04 2010

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  1. What do you think the title “Little Women” says about the status of women in America in the late 1800’s?
  2. What do you think of the differences in the ways these 4 daughters are raised compared to “Little Women” today?



2 responses

7 04 2010

I think the title symbolizes the way in which women were thought of during that time period, “little.” Since the progressive movements, such as the womens right era, women have found trot voice more and have been seen having high positions of authority. The one thing I do like about Little Women is that it shows that women , as sisters, can create such an unshakable bond.

11 04 2010

I think “Little Women” is referring to the fact that the characters in the book are bigger than life. They may not be fully grown yet in terms of their bodies, but they are women in the making. They may be small in stature and young in age, but they are loving and mature women learning to live in a changing world. In this book, the women were raised in a loving family environment. They had to go through so much; war, poverty, disease. They relied on their strong family bond to get through everything, and people today are just much more blessed to live in such an affluent world. At least most places in America, that is. However, all situations are different and surely there are still wonderful stories like this of overcoming the odds.

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