Review – Robin Hood

22 03 2010

While on this movie kick, we at Traveling Classics are getting excited about the new version of Robin Hood out in May and have decided to revisit the well-beloved classic with an audiobooks recording ofThe Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. Written as the first thorough compilation of many British ballads and legends, Howard Pyle’s 1883 novel on the hero sets the course for every future retelling. The tales introduce Robin Hood as a swashbuckling dashingly rugged knave who so cleverly “robs the rich to feed the poor”, thereby winning the hearts of the people, the fair damsel Maid Marion and a pardon for loyal service from King Richard the Lionheart on his return from a crusade in the Holy Land. Although all the familiar characters, Friar Tuck, Little John, Will Scarlet and the rest make their appearance, there are many unfamiliar tales in Pyle’s book and it closes with a little-known end. Thus, we hope you find as much new adventure in these old tales as we do. Keep listening!



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15 05 2010

thanks.. i like robinhood verymuch..

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