Anne of Green Gables – Questions

7 07 2010

1. Why do you think Anne insists on being called Anne with an “e”?

2. What does a kindred spirit mean to you?  Do you seek out kindred spirits in your life as Anne does?

3. Can you think of any happy accidents in your life that ended up working out like Marilla and Matthew getting a girl instead of a boy?

Audiobook App Updates

2 07 2010

We updated both Audiobooks, and Audiobooks Premium this week, so I though I would let everyone know what the main changes are.

  • We updated the Librivox database – so there are now 648 brand new FREE books for your listening pleasure
  • We added BACKGROUND play to both apps – so if you have the new iOS 4 on a device that supports background play, you will be able to keep your audiobook playing in the background while you listen to your favorite books
  • We changed the name from Ad Free to Premium, because now Premium is not only ad free, but there are some other great features like setting a custom sleep timer, the ability to switch to streaming mode if you don’t want your books to take up space on your device, and
  • There are also a few bug fixes, and some performance enhancements, so the apps should run faster and more smoothly now

We would love to hear how you like the new updates, have you used Background play?  Are you enjoying the custom sleep timer?

How do you keep track of your books?

29 06 2010

Do you use any way to keep track of the books you’ve read or listened to?

I’ve seen Library Thing before – where you can track all your books, what you’ve read, and what you want to read in the future.  Plus, it’s free.

If you want an app to help you keep track – you can check out Book Lover.

I have only ever used a spreadsheet (just switched it to a google spreadsheet so I could access it away from my computer).  But, I think these 2 options look interesting.  I don’t really keep notes about my books in my spreadsheet, just when/if I read it.

So, what do you use?  Or, do you not track what you have read, listened to, or want to?

iPhone Tips and Tricks

23 06 2010

Here are a few tricks to use your iPhone more efficiently:

Did you know there are special characters hidden under each of the letter buttons?  Tap and hold the “e” for example, and you can see 7 different options for accents, etc.

Do you like the .com button in safari – but wish it were in mail, too?  It’s there – tap and hold the period button for 2 seconds, and up pop several options including .com, .org, .edu, and .net.

If you upgrade to the new iOS 4 – you can use folders – which I love!  To create a new folder, it’s simple – you just hold down an icon until they all jiggle, and then drag one icon on top of another icon you want to be in the same folder, and voila, you have a folder – you can rename it to whatever you want.  Click the home button to stop the jiggling, and you have a folder for all your cooking apps, or all your audiobook apps, or whatever your heart desires.  I have all my apps in folders now, and I really like it better than swiping through screens to find what I’m looking for.

iOS 4 also adds multitasking, which is great for Audiobooks.  And, you can have one unified inbox, which is really nice.

Do you have any tips or shortcuts that could make it easier for everyone else?

** Giveaway ** Questions from the Art of War

16 06 2010

Answer any of the questions below to be entered to win a free code to download the Art of War Audiobook Text + Audio for your iPhone or iPod Touch.  Comment on this post by 5:00 PM on Monday, June 21.  You must be in the US, and have an iPhone or iPod Touch to use the app.

1. Why is the Art of War considered a great work not only on War but also on Leadership in all arenas?

2. What are the similarities and differences between the Eastern views in the Art of War vs. Western views?

3. Of all the advice given, what do you find to be the most valuable?

Discussion Questions from Sherlock Holmes

2 06 2010

Sherlock Holmes asks and answers so many questions in the course of his detective work, here are a few questions I have come up with about the way he goes about his business:

  1. How does Sherlock Holmes show both eccentricities and brilliance at the same time?
  2. What is Watson’s role in the Sherlock Holmes series?
  3. Would Holmes’ method of deduction be easier or harder to use today?

Where do you listen to Audiobooks?

25 05 2010

Where are you when you’re listening to Audiobooks?

Typically I do chores while listening to audiobooks, so I’m in the kitchen, or dusting, or in the laundry room.  But I also listen at the gym, in the car, while out walking, really doing anything that doesn’t require a lot of thought.  I love having stories read to me!  Sometimes I work while listening, but it only works during some tasks.  For some reason, while flying I prefer reading rather than listening, but I know people who love to listen on planes.

Recently I’ve been listening while I sew, and as long as I’m not doing something that requires math, I’m okay.  I made a minor cutting mistake when I was too enthralled with Anne of Green Gables the other day (whoops), so I don’t listen while cutting anymore.

So, where are you, and what do you do while you’re listening to audiobooks?

Why do you listen to Audiobooks?

24 05 2010

I found this post about why Damian Nicholson listens to Audiobooks.  His reasons for listening to audiobooks are: Multitasking, More Lucrative, No Eyestrain, Relaxing, Faster, Less Weight, More Engaging.

I agree with most of those, but the main reason I listen to Audiobooks is for multi-tasking.  It really makes chores much more palatable, and I love listening while I’m walking with my daughter in her stroller or gardening.

I also love to listen in the car.  I used to have a long commute, and listening to audiobooks was the only way I got through it.  For long car trips, my husband and I love picking out a new book and enjoy talking about the plot and characters, and pondering what will happen next.  It definitely helps with the monotony of a long trip.

Why do you listen to audiobooks?

What do you like about the Audiobooks update?

14 05 2010

We want to know how you like the new features of Audiobooks 4.0.  We just released it this week, and would love to hear about what you love.  If you haven’t downloaded the new version, check out the free version, which now supports download.  If ads aren’t your thing, you can get the ad-free version.

Are you happy to see we have some new titles in the app for purchase, and you’ve already listened to How to Train your Dragon?  Do you like the new buttons, or the search by duration feature?  Or are you excited the free version now supports downloading?

Leave us a comment and let us know which new feature is your favorite.

Oliver Twist Discussion Questions

12 05 2010
Here are a few questions to get you thinking about Oliver Twist:
  1. Discuss the portrait of the criminal justice system presented in Oliver Twist
  2. Why isn’t Fagin able to corrupt Oliver?
  3. How would the novel be different if Oliver were a girl?


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