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30 04 2010
Patsy Lanclos

Re: Audiobooks, AudioBookShelf apps

I am currently writing a series of books for educators on using the iPod® touch and pertinent apps with students. It will be published by Visions Technology in Education ( I am requesting permission to use screen captures of the apps (similar to those displayed in the iTunes® store) so that educators can see examples of how the app can be used by the students or by the teacher to prompt learning.

I would like to devote a page to each app to describe the features and uses in the classroom. I would also like to use the square identification graphic with the app’s title (found in the upper left corner of the screen in the iTunes store) next to the title of the app in my book . It is my thought that the graphics will call attention to the application and give educators a better idea of its use with students.

If I have your permission to use captured screens of the applications you publish and the square title image, please reply to this email with your permission.

Thank you very much,
Patsy Lanclos

Patsy Lanclos
 Apple Distinguished Educator – Class of 1995 
Smithsonian Laureate LoTi National Trainer

12 05 2010
Patsy Lanclos

Please reply to the above request.


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