Background play now available!

21 06 2010

We are really excited about background play for Audiobooks.  Here are some tips for using it:

Double click the home button and the task bar will appear. It is shown in the screen shot to the right. It will show all the apps you have open.  The example shown has the App store, Audiobooks, and Mail open.

If you click on Audiobooks from here, it will take you back to wherever you left off in the app.  However, you can control what you’re listening to without going back into the app.

The first way to do this is by swiping the task bar to the right.  It will then show the audio controls that are displayed in the screen shot on the left so you can keep whatever you have open and still pause your audiobook.

If you get a call, or another audio app starts playing, the audiobook will stop playing.  Otherwise, it will continue playing in the background as you check your email, play a game, or use any of the other great apps you have on your iPhone, or iPod Touch.

If your iPhone is locked, you can still double tap the home button – this will display the screen on the bottom right which shows the same audio control buttons right on the main screen without needing to unlock your phone.

We also have hands free kit support now.

We hope you enjoy the newest features in Audiobooks!  Happy Listening.

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6 responses

21 06 2010

Thats pretty cool. Thanks for the info :)

23 06 2010
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26 06 2010
Star Reader

I’ve been WAITING for this feature, but can’t make it work!!! When I double-click, I get the apps just like your photo shows, but I don’t get the gray task bar above my apps. I can select audiobooks and it will go into my current book, but if I try to select mail or messages, the book turns off.
When the phone is locked, double-clicking gets me the control, but if I pause it, it turns back on playing my ipod music, not the book, and then I can’t get back to the book without unlocking and going to back to audiobooks.
Please Help!!
PS – I use this app ALL the time and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! Good job! I’d like to see more PLUS books – there haven’t been any since May, and I purchased it thinking you’d have them come out more regularly. I wouldn’t have purchased it otherwise because I’d already listened to most of them prior to your adding PLUS. Thanks

26 06 2010

Contact customer support at support at crossforward dot com. They should be help you.

2 07 2010
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1 08 2010

My app keeps freezing; is this being caused by the update to 4.0?

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