Where do you listen to Audiobooks?

25 05 2010

Where are you when you’re listening to Audiobooks?

Typically I do chores while listening to audiobooks, so I’m in the kitchen, or dusting, or in the laundry room.  But I also listen at the gym, in the car, while out walking, really doing anything that doesn’t require a lot of thought.  I love having stories read to me!  Sometimes I work while listening, but it only works during some tasks.  For some reason, while flying I prefer reading rather than listening, but I know people who love to listen on planes.

Recently I’ve been listening while I sew, and as long as I’m not doing something that requires math, I’m okay.  I made a minor cutting mistake when I was too enthralled with Anne of Green Gables the other day (whoops), so I don’t listen while cutting anymore.

So, where are you, and what do you do while you’re listening to audiobooks?

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2 responses

30 05 2010

I listen in my room while relaxing. Now I have my mophie juice pack and can download books, I may listen at the beach if I go :)

1 06 2010

How much battery does the mophie juice pack add?

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