Audiobooks 4.0 Walkthrough

12 05 2010

Audiobooks 4.0 includes a host of new features and content offerings.  We put together a video walking through the highlights of what’s new to help you get up and running.

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4 responses

13 05 2010

First, I love the app – and I really like the features built into 4.0 – but I really hope there will be a 4.1 coming soon.

4.0 is painfully slow, locks up for long periods of time frequently, occasionally turns off completely (esp. when the iphone powers down) and I eventually gave up trying to download anything (when it turned off, all progress on new downloads was lost and the books don’t appear in the ‘my books’ list. (yes, I have the latest OS installed)

If you can take care of the problems above I’ll come back. I’ll even be happy to support this project through the paid content, but I’m not turning it on again until I see an update is available…

Michael V.

19 05 2010

Thanks for the feedback – we hope the recent updates have solved your problems.

21 05 2010

You forgot the part where it locks up for 5 minutes EVERY FREAKING TIME I try to use it outside of 3g coverage. I use this ap while working and have to frequently answer the phone or access other aps. Not much fun anymore. I want my dollar back.

22 06 2010

Still slow, still locks up and still tries to sell me crap I don’t want!
Where’s my dollar refund!?!

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