Review of Sherlock Holmes

31 05 2010

“Elementary, my dear Watson!” may be one of the most well-known phrases pinned to a literary character, but did you know that Sherlock Holmes never actually said this in any of his adventures? Part of a mystery series written by Sir Aurthur Conan Doyle in 1891, Sherlock Holmes is the master of crime solving. His character has so captured the fascination of his readers, that many film and even stage versions of his tales have been produced and this phrase can be traced back to one of these! The latest film version was released in 2009 and though not based on a particular story of Doyle’s, is accurate to the character and spirit of the original Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

This Traveling Classics audiobook version of Doyle’s collection of twelve mysteries is sure to thrill you to your finger tips. The cases are written from the perseptive of Dr. Watson. As the closest friend to the brilliant Sherlock Holmes, he has the privilege of watching Holmes unfold each mystery and reveal them as the crimes they are, bringing evil to justice and restoring order. Watson tags along most cases as an eagerly observant, but averagely intelligent man, often baffled, as the reader is, by Holmes’s unusual deductive reasoning and seemingly confusing antics. Sherlock Holmes can disguise himself as any man and tell a person where they are from and what their business is almost as soon as they step across his threshold. All in the name of logic, Holmes is not to be sidetracked by women, fame, money, or power, and thus stands a formidable and unreachable opponent for London’s average criminal. However, there is one woman Holmes is always intrigued by and perhaps a case even he cannot solve. It is in this manner that a most interesting character is formed. We hope you enjoy listening to this audiobook as it takes you for a riotous ride around late 19th century London.

More new Audiobooks!

28 05 2010

Here are a few more great Audiobooks that are now available in the App store as single title apps as well as in-app purchases in AudiobooksAudiobooks (ad free), and Audiobooks (iPad Edition).

Apple Turnover Murder – Best-selling author Joanne Fluke serves up a tasty treat from her Hannah Swensen series in “Apple Turnover Murder”.  Hannah is feeling the heat when she agrees to bake apple turnovers for a fundraiser and partake in the charity talent contest. But when Hannah discovers the MC dead with one of her apple turnovers in his hand, she realizes someone has murder on the menu.

Below Zero – “New York Times” best-selling author C. J. Box’s “Below Zero” is the 10th novel featuring Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett. The telephone calls from her stepdaughter April send chills down the spine of Joe’s daughter Sherry. Wasn’t April murdered six years ago in a bloody massacre? Wondering how this youthful caller knows details only April could know, Sherry becomes confused while Joe grows suspicious. Is the caller April—or are Joe and his family victims of a cruel hoax?

Club Dead – In this entry from Anthony Award winner Charlaine Harris’ “New York Times” best-selling series, the gorgeous and feisty telepath hits the road to find her missing boyfriend, who may have run off with his former lover— a notorious vamp. “Club Dead is ideal for readers who like their vampire fiction light, humorous, and fast paced.”—Booklist

Dead to the World – “New York Times” best-selling author Charlaine Harris thrills listeners with the fourth book of her spectacular Sookie Stackhouse series. Driving home from work, barmaid and telepath Sookie Stackhouse discovers vampire and area sheriff Eric on the side of the road missing his shirt, his shoes and his memories. Featuring vampires, werewolves and magic galore,”Dead to the World” will satisfy any listener’s craving for the supernatural.

Dog on It -This charming debut from Spencer Quinn introduces the world to two-legged Bernie and his four-legged pal Chet—a canine with a penchant for solving mysteries. Their first case is to track down a teenager who’s out way past curfew.

“Dog on It has got more going for it than 50 of those cat cozies … My sincere
advice to you is to rush to your nearest bookstore and put your paws on this enchanting, one-of-a-kind novel.”—Stephen King

Eiffel’s Tower – Reminiscent of Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City, this fascinating account from acclaimed author Jill Jonnes recaptures the 1889 Paris World’s Fair. Casting vehement criticism aside, Gustave Eiffel built his tower to be the fair’s centerpiece. Perched at the top all summer, he hosted a string of dignitaries.

Every Secret Thing – One of mystery writing’s most acclaimed novelists for her brilliant Tess Monaghan series, Laura Lippman won the Anthony and Barry Awards for this riveting stand-alone.

Kicked out of a birthday party, 11-year-olds Alice and Ronnie walk home and encounter a baby left in a carriage. Their earnest desire to do a good deed ends tragically, however, and seven years later they are released from “kid prison” to start their lives anew…

Game Six – Best-selling author Mark Frost takes listeners back to the 1975 World Series in this thrilling account of the greatest baseball game ever played. The Reds and Red Sox endured three soggy days of inactivity to reach game six. But all that downtime could not prepare them for what happened when the skies finally cleared.

AudioBookShelf – Now Updated

27 05 2010

Mac Stories reviewed AudioBookShelf today.  They’re also hosting a giveaway for 5 free copies through May 30 – check it out.

The most exciting change to the app is that it is now a universal app – designed to work on both the iPhone/iPod Touch, and iPad.  We also added The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and have plans to add even more books in the future.  Below are some screen shots of the new iPad version of the app.  Enjoy!

New Audiobooks in the Store!

27 05 2010

We are so excited that we have new titles available in the App Store!  They are available as single-title apps as well as in-app purchases in Audiobooks, Audiobooks (ad free), and Audiobooks (iPad Edition).

From the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series by Jeff Kinney:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Dog Days

Rodrick Rules

The Last Straw

Announcing Children’s Audiobooks – Volume 1

26 05 2010

Going on a long car trip with your kids over Memorial Day weekend?  Looking for some great audiobooks that are suitable for children, and will keep them from asking “are we there yet” every 10 minutes? Then, Children’s Audiobooks – Volume 1 is the app for you!

For just $2.99, you get 10 well-read trimmed children’s classics packaged in a beautiful player that has automatic bookmarking and a notes section to write down your thoughts and even email them to yourself or friends.

The titles in this Volume include: Treasure Island, The Railway Children, Anne of Green Gables, A Little Princess, An Old Fashioned Girl, Alice in Wonderland, Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Tom Sawyer, The Princess and the Goblin & The Wind in the Willows

What features would you like to see in Audiobooks?

26 05 2010

We’re always looking for ideas for new features for our Audiobooks app.   So, tell me what you want to see in future releases. Below are a few things I’ve already heard from users, so tell me if these are important to you, too, or if you can think of anything else that would make Audiobooks an even better App!

1. Want to be able to select stream only for books – so they don’t download to your device and take up space

2. Want to either have cover art included in the app, or have the ability to add it if you want

3. Custom time option for the sleep timer

4. Ability to rate books within the app – and search by user ratings so you can see who the best readers are

Where do you listen to Audiobooks?

25 05 2010

Where are you when you’re listening to Audiobooks?

Typically I do chores while listening to audiobooks, so I’m in the kitchen, or dusting, or in the laundry room.  But I also listen at the gym, in the car, while out walking, really doing anything that doesn’t require a lot of thought.  I love having stories read to me!  Sometimes I work while listening, but it only works during some tasks.  For some reason, while flying I prefer reading rather than listening, but I know people who love to listen on planes.

Recently I’ve been listening while I sew, and as long as I’m not doing something that requires math, I’m okay.  I made a minor cutting mistake when I was too enthralled with Anne of Green Gables the other day (whoops), so I don’t listen while cutting anymore.

So, where are you, and what do you do while you’re listening to audiobooks?


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